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Why Choose LBBA





Why choose London Bridge Business Academy

Since being founded in 2002, LBBA's has evolved into a reputable provider in education, Welcoming students from all backgrounds.

We take great pride in student success and providing a supportive environment for the students, students thrive in this environment and find this culture next to none.

Quality and excellence 

Our Mission statement is “Education Has No Boundaries” and we believe one should never stop learning and should extend their learning across many boundaries.

Our primary aim is to achieve this and to deliver the highest learning standards, so you achieve equally high career goals.

Our academic team are handpicked for their experience and student-focused approach and support. 

Be in the heart of vibrant London

You will study in Farringdon A historic area of the City of London, and it is conveniently located for travel.  

Experience life in London, one of the world's most exciting and diverse cities. London is the perfect place to become immersed in culture, business, history, art and music.  

Support next to none

The Administration staff, Lecturers and Director of Studies, ensure that students are always able to receive help with any academic or personal problems and that their progress is closely monitored.

Individual aid is also planned in the program for the student's success if needed.

Regular features includes Mock exams with feedback  for exam based modules and  timed and regular feedback provided on assignment based modules to support and enhance student performance by the subject lecturer

Meeting the needs of industry and students 

You will have additional lectures provided outside the scope of the syllabus and the Course you have selected where you will begin preparing for career success, enhancing your CV to exceed employer’s expectations and how to prepare for interviews and stand out against other candidates

LBBA Vision

To become one of the leading small educational institution in the private sector.

By using excellent teaching and providing a quality student experience.

Our focus is on the student experience which is individualised and socially engaging.

We behave ethically.

We expect tolerance and mutual respect among staff and students and embrace diversity.

We provide a distinctive student experience

Our student experience strategy builds on strong foundations of quality and distinctiveness in maintaining the personal touch with students.



We will continue to improve our care and working with student representatives to enhance the support for students. We will actively promote participation and successful student outcomes through fair admissions policies, aspiration-raising and support for student welfare and career development.


We will continue to maintain and enhance teaching quality, motivation in class and student learning opportunities to maximise student success and graduate employability.


We will continue to learn from the Students

We will enhance how we engage with our students, listening to their concerns and responding to their needs


We will continue to make improvements and the  organisational structure contributes to the overall strategy.  The flat organisational structure allows us to engage with students and allows participation.


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