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Student Visas

LBBA We Attract Students From All Over The World


Why Choose LBBA

We are recognised by the UK Government as one of the Trusted Higher Education Institutions in Britain hence we are a Tier 4 General formally know as - Highly Trusted status. 

This explains why we have quality students, from all over the globe  studying in London Bridge and also this status gives students assurance on the college itself.  Its a benchmark of LBBA and its quality its reputation and high levels of student attainment achieved to date.

Applying for entry to the UK on a Student Visa can be challenging, with all applicants having to comply with strict regulations and also having to ensure that their documents are suitable to meet a scrutiny by the UKIV Border Agency, before a student visa is granted.

Kindly note that LBBA  has been awarded the Tier 4 General – also know 

formally as Highly Trusted Status.

Our Tier 4 General status means all prospective LBBA students will find it easier to successfully apply for a visa to study and be a success in their studies and career.

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

What is CAS?

A Tier 4 Visa needs to be sponsored by an institution which holds a Tier 4 Licence to sponsor international students to study in the UK. A CAS is a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. This is what the institution issues to confirm to the Home Office that they are sponsoring a student to study in the UK.

We, as a Tier 4 sponsor, are expected to fulfil our sponsorship duties to retain our Tier 4 Licence. We will only be able to issue a CAS where we are satisfied that this will lead to a successful Tier 4 visa application and where we are satisfied with the information that we have asked for. When we are ready to sponsor you we will assign you a CAS.

A CAS is not a paper document, but a unique reference number which identifies a database record to the Home Office which confirms the details of the sponsorship. We will also provide you with an electronic document which will provide details that we have used to assign the CAS number such as:

• Qualifications that we assessed
• Fees paid to the College
• Course details
• Start and end dates

A CAS does not guarantee that a visa application will be successful. It is your responsibility to make sure that you meet all of the criteria for your Tier 4 leave. We reserve the right to request evidence that you meet the criteria of a Tier 4 application before issuing a CAS. We reserve the right to not issue a CAS if we are not satisfied that you will meet the criteria for a Tier 4 leave application.
Once assigned, the CAS must be used to support a visa application otherwise it will ‘expire’. It will also not be valid for use after the latest start date of the course, and if not used, we will withdraw the CAS and our sponsorship of you at this time. Please refer to the information on refunds allowed against fees paid, this is found behind the application form submitted for the course.

 We usually issue CAS within 3 months of the start date of your course, which is when they are valid to use to support a visa application. It is helpful to make sure the process runs smoothly if you apply in good time for your chosen course of study.

• A CAS can only be used to support one visa application whether or not it is successful.
• If a visa is refused, then the CAS will no longer be valid. The College will assess if we are able to issue a new CAS. This will be at the discretion of the Administration, If you wish to have a refund the information required is found behind the application form submitted for the course.
• If you have completed a course of study in the UK and have applied for a new course, a new CAS will be required to apply for an extension of your permission to stay in the UK.


English Requirements

Entry requirements for English for the following courses

(Please note that only the courses highlighted in red will be accepted for Tier 4 Visa Applications)

Course Level of SELT required for IELTS & Pearson IELTS Score Pearson Score
CTH Diploma in Hotel Management (QCF Level 4) B2 5.5 51
CTH Hotel Management Advanced Diploma (QCF Level 5) B2 5.5 51
CTH Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management (QCF Level 7) B2 6.0 52
Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma/ Certificate                        QCF 4/5 B2 5.5 51


What do I need to apply from overseas?

You need 40 points to be able to apply for a student visa and must provide the proof needed with your application form.


What you gets points for 

Proof and documents needed


Doing a course (at an acceptable level) with an approved education provider (also known as sponsorship)

Visa letter from your approved education provider, and the documents used to get the visa letter.

This letter will be issued by us with our Sponsorship number.

We have been given a Grade A.

Visa processing time varies in each country but you should assume it would take between 3 to 6 weeks on average.


Having enough money to cover your course fees and monthly living costs (also known as maintenance) 

Bank statement or letter confirming that you have enough money available to cover your course fees and monthly living costs for up to one year, at the time you submit your application

You must be able to prove that the money you need to apply has been in your account for 28 days before you submit your application.

How much Money is needed ?

The money that you need includes course fees and monthly living costs. The monthly living costs needed depends on where you are studying. For further information please refer to the Tier 4 policy guidance on UKVI website. 

Length of course

Where will study 

Money needed

Nine months or less 

In London  

Full course fees


£1,265 for the living expenses for each calendar month of the course

More than nine months  

In London 

First year full fees


£1,265 for the living expenses for each calendar month of the course  

Please ensure that you have checked the requirements in your country regarding the Immigration Health Surcharge before making your Tier 4 visa application 

Kindly note the following terms and conditions in regards to fees and visa refusals.  Deposits and Fees paid are non-refundable except if visa is refused

Deposits and Fees paid are non-transferable. Under no circumstances can fees be transferred to other students or to another organisation,

If a student visa application has been refused, then fees paid, less administration charges of £300.00 and any courier charges, will be refunded on production of the following documents:

(1) Copy of the refusal letter (APP200)

(2) Copy of the student's passport showing both a photograph and signature;

and (3) where the payee was not the student an original authority letter from the student authorizing the repayment to the payee Refund requests under this section must be made in writing.

(4) Copy of the receipt showing amount paid.

Provided this is done within three months of us issuing visa letters.

If you are a EEA national you do not require a visa.

If you are not a EEA national you will be either a Visa National or a Non-Visa National.

If you do not know which category you fall into please select your country name from the drop down list below and click on the button below the traffic light.

If the traffic light shows green, the country you selected is a EEA member country hence you do not require a visa to come to the United Kingdom. If the traffic light shows amber then you need to read the non-visa nationals (amber text). If the traffic light shows red then you need to read the visa nationals (red text).


Non Tier 4 Students 

Non Tier 4 students will only need the following: 
  1. An acceptance letter from the college confirming a place.
Tier 4 Students 

A Tier 4 student must obtain a Visa from their local British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission before travelling to the UK.

In order to get a Visa to come to London Bridge Business Academy you will need:
  1. An acceptance letter from the college confirming that tuition fees have been paid (preferably in full).
  2. Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses without the need to work or recourse to public funds.
  3. They maybe asked to attend an interview at the local British embassy or High Commission.
As a Visa national you will probably be required to attend an interview with an Immigration Officer. If you are, as is normally the case, then you should read the following:


In our experience, ECOs often look for the following;
  1. That candidates are organised and well presented.
  2. Serious about the chosen course of study.
  3. Well informed about the course and how it will be beneficial to their career.
  4. Confident, well-presented and has an adequate command of the English language and entry requirements for the chosen course.
  5. Intending to return to their home country on completion of their studies.
  6. Aware of the cost of living as a student in the UK, and have evidence of those funds.
Good luck and we look forward to welcoming you at LBBA.

For more information click here to visit the official website of UK Visas.
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