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Student Support

LBBA will ensure that:

- All students have equal opportunities

- Students support needs are easily communicated and known

- Academic delivery,class activities,resources are appropriate and support students

- Tolerance, understanding and positive interactions are encouraged

Students at LBBA are able to experience a unique and supportive college lifestyle

We believe that student life at LBBA should include the right mix of learning academic and professional skills as well as social skills. This is needed for students to progress and be future success stories. 

Our student population participates in social events held to accelerate the growth and life experience of our students.

Induction/ Interview

Our student induction programme provides a platform for learning more about the college, as well as more on the services and facilities to ensure prospective students make informed decisions about where, what when and how they will study. The induction enables students to be better prepared for Higher Education, meet other students and share thoughts and ideas. The induction and interview is an opportunity to ask the college more questions and to be made more aware of life at LBBA.

Student Support

International students, who travel from overseas to study, are advised to arrive on campus a few days in advance, to get settled and to recover from the jet lag associated with travel. The Administration will support students with reference to their enquiries and to ensure they settle well on arrival in the new environment. Information and support will be provided.

Additional Support for Funded Students

The College offers administrative support to students who are financed by the Students Loan Company (SLC) if needed .Additional information required on funding can be found on the website.

Support from the Lecturer

Your course Lecturer will make arrangements to guide or help you with any difficulties you may experience.

Support from Student Representatives

The Student Representative's role is to give the Academy the student's perspective and to effectively enhance the student learning experience and create a environment in which all students are satisfied and equal this could include how to enhance the teaching quality, support and motivation for students,improve learning and career opportunities.

One-to-One Advice

If a student needs one-to-one advice of a non academic nature and does not want a discussion with the tutor, our Director of Studies should be contacted.

Counselling for Personal and Family Issues

LBBA offers confidential support to all students who are experiencing personal difficulties relating to their general emotional state, academic pressures, lack of motivation, exam anxieties, family problems, bereavement etc.

Counselling sessions are provided in a relaxed environment where students can talk openly about issues affecting them. Students can ask administration to arrange for a meeting at short notice.

Career Advice

Course lecturers offer advice on progression within specific courses to their learners.  The college will support you make the right decisions about your careers



Planned tutorials on Plagiarism and writing skills are provided to further support students and their work.

English Development Lecture.

Information collected during the interviews and induction is used to support students to have a smooth transition into college life and their studies. Information is used to plan the English Development class. Sessions are made more useful to give students the skills they may lack or need to improve on This will help support the English as well as how to  write assignments, good grammar, how to prepare for class presentations. CV writing, developing Interview skills and career guidance.

 Student Feedback

At LBBA we value the opinion of our students and this helps support students better and understand their individual needs.

Student feedback is collected both formally and informally and at different times of the term which is used to provide better support students and make improvements.


Teaching and Learning


Our lecturers take individual needs into consideration, so each student can enjoy maximum benefits. This personal approach will bring out more of your unique abilities and talents.

Assignment preparation, formal feedback is provided on student work and allows students to reflect on their work.The assignment is divided into smaller tasks and each task whilst in the draft stage is handed in for timed feedback. This helps understand how you are doing and how you could improve.This is one of the key reasons for our pass rates on most modules.

Exam preparation lecturers will help you prepare for your exams and guide you with planning your revision time. Sitting your exams can be a nervous situation, use of marked mock exams and revision courses at the end of the term helps prepare students. Students will be provided with a revision kit for their modules.

Students engage in class activities which further support and enhance their learning and critical thinking.

Students must ensure they get the most out of their classes and preparing for any class before hand would help achieve this, reading the module handbook, lecture notes, recommended reading lists would help you be prepared and to go to class understanding the background knowledge, ready to ask questions and discuss. The student portal includes a list of text books that can be borrowed as well as lecture notes, module handbooks, dates for handing work for feedback.

CTH students will have access to the college library as well as the CTH E-Libary.



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