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Student Profile (Part Time)


Micheal Tobin

Katharine Nixon

Sarah Crouch

Beng Ong


Sophie Barwick

 Sinéad Whelan

Glenn Southam

Part Time Student profile 2007 -2012

  Louise Ashbrook

Dear London Bridge Business Academy
From studying at a previous study centre I felt that the level of support from London Bridge Business Academy has been fantastic.
You have a very hands on approach to make sure that students are well informed in not only the syllabus of the professional qualification,  but the administrative side of the course. 

I had an opportunity to have the lectures tailored to suit my needs, following a meeting with the Director of Studies. Shmina made sure that I was completely comfortable with how I was going to learn, and I knew that she was there to provide support and advice in addition to the lecturer which I've not previously experienced with other study centres. 

The tutor helped me apply the theory to the question, relating to the company that I work for. The coaching that she gave me helped to develop my ideas and make sure I was on the right track.

The lectures directly related to the content of the question and were structured in a way that tackled each part of the assignment in turn. This methodical way of going through the relevant parts of the syllabus really helped to keep on track with my assignment, which is where I have gone wrong in the past at other study centres. I thank the LBBA for helping me through this module, and I am overjoyed to have passed with a B.

 Kind regards

 Louise Ashbrook 

 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  Micheal Tobin 

I decided to study the Professional Diploma in Marketing in order to further my career prospects.
After looking at a number of colleges, LBBA was the one that stood out. 

The staff were very approachable and sold the course and the college extremely well.  Having studied History at university and not having a marketing background, the support and encouragement was fundamental.

I would fully recommend studying this course at LBBA. 

The full set up (from the admin staff to the lecturers) are very friendly and welcoming and the support given is comprehensive. 

During times of difficulty, the team are always there to speak to and the re-assurance was invaluable.  The extensive revision classes and feedback were extremely helpful and the team ensure students are best prepared for exams as well as written assignments. 

From speaking to students from other colleges, this is a factor that makes LBBA stand out from the others and Shmina ensures all is in tick tock condition.

Micheal Tobin 

Updated August 2011

  Katharine Nixon

After deciding to study the CIM Diploma course, I researched colleges extensively. I finally chose LBBA because of it’s convenient city centre location, a mere 5 minutes walk from London Bridge station, because they offered the flexibility that I required to fit in my studies around my demanding full time marketing job, and because they were more helpful and accommodating that many other colleges I had enquired with.

Whilst the course was demanding and challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed it, not just from content alone, but from the dedication and interactivity of the tutors there. I found huge support and dedication from the first day right up to the final run up the exams, and always felt that I could contact staff and tutors to discuss any element of my studies. Whilst the CIM diploma requires commitment from each individual student, I found that I could not have achieved such high grades without the fantastic support of my tutors. One differentiating factor of LBBA is that they practice mock exam questions from week one – something I have since found out from other students studying at other colleges is not common practice - I found I was more prepared to tackle the exams without panic because of this. The extra revision sessions also proved invaluable, and the small sized classes meant that I was given plenty of individual attention.

The CIM Diploma is a must for any Marketing Executive. I would highly recommend LBBA to any student considering this course and would like to thank my tutors once again for helping me gain such fantastic grades.

I passed all four exam papers with 1 A and 3 B’s.  I am definitely coming back after my maternity leave to study the post graduate course and wouldn’t even consider studying elsewhere.

Updated Feb 2008

  Beng Ong

"I worked in the Sales and Marketing line for 6 years in Malaysia before moving back to England 3 years ago.

"As I had decided to further my marketing career in the education sector, I sent in my resume to many local colleges. One of the main feedback I got was that many HR departments could not gauge the level of experience I had previously in Malaysia, so they could not offer me managerial positions.

"That was when I saw the value in pursing my professional qualifications with the CIM. As I work in Lewisham, the natural choice was somewhere nearby London Bridge - which led me to LBBA.

"I found the staff at LBBA very frank and supportive. After looking at my C.V., they suggested I take the Professional Diploma. A year later after many thorough and intensive classes - I'm glad to say that LBBA has not only helped me finish the course  by passing all four exam on my first attempt , but opened up my career opportunities!"

Updated February 2009


 Charlotte Bornebusch

Having a background in design, LBBA provided me with the theoretical knowledge required to give me the confidence to pursue my marketing career. The flexibility of the course and commitment of the staff, ensured that it was possible to work full time and fit in lectures and revision sessions at a time which was convenient for the group. The support offered by LBBA is second to none, and I would warmly recommend anyone considering a CIM qualification to study here!

I passed all four of my diploma exams on my first attempt with excellent results!

Updated September 2008

  Sarah Crouch

After being in my current job for 7 years I felt the need for a new challenge. When it was suggested I take the CIM Diploma course I jumped at the chance, the course has been most enjoyable. The challenge was rewarding and the attention received from the teaching staff was of a very high standard. The centre always made me feel welcome and I was always made to feel comfortable when asking tutors for extra help. I would strongly recommend the course and I am looking forward to using the qualification on my CV

Updated Sept 2006

Sarah has  successfully passed all four subjects with LBBA with excellent results.

Sarah has completed the CIM Diploma over one year. Sarah has maintained a contact with the Academy and visits LBBA


  Sophie Barwick

Sophie Barwick – Professional Diploma in Marketing

At my last appraisal my line-manager agreed that I could follow a vocational qualification that I felt would help my career progression. I'd been considering taking a CIM Diploma course for some time and so started looking for a college in London. I approached a few colleges but was struck by how helpful and how much support the staff at LBBA were willing to offer.

I knew that working full-time and studying would not be easy so it was reassuring to have this support. My experience at LBBA has been challenging but rewarding and enjoyable. Teaching staff are friendly approachable and the extra revision sessions were invaluable. The one thing I found most useful is that we started practice questions very early on in the course - this was essential in preparing for the exams. I would recommend the London Bridge Business Academy to anyone looking for a CIM accredited college in London.

Updated FEB 2007

Sophie results were very pleasing , Sophie passed all four exam papers on her first attempt with LBBA last term.

Marketing Planning and She scored a Grade A 

Marketing Management In Practice she scored a

Grade B



  Sinéad Whelan

When I took my current job as Marketing Executive in the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, it was recommended that I look into obtaining a CIM qualification. LBBA was my first choice of college and it has proved to be an invaluable decision. LBBA provides full support and guidance for studying and passing the CIM exams. The revision classes and case study sessions were of extreme benefit to me and the fact I could contact the staff about any queries or concerns was an added relief. The small size classes also ensured that I got greater individual attention.

A CIM qualification is an essential asset for moving up the ladder in the marketing industry, as it is a worldwide recognized qualification that many employers look for when hiring individuals for marketing positions. I would recommend anyone who wishes to study part time to seriously consider this reputable academy.

Updated Feb 2007

Ms Sinead Whelan

Sinead studied with LBBA  on the part time evenings and passed both the CIM Diploma exams she attempted in the Dec 2006 sitting

These were to include: Marketing Planning, Marketing Management In practice.

Sinead has done well and has now returned this term on the Block release to do the remaining two Diploma papers.

  Glenn Southam


Mr Glenn Southam

Glenn studied with LBBA on the part time evenings and has passed all three papers on the CIM Diploma to include:

Marketing Planning, Marketing Communication, Marketing Management In Practice all three on his first attempt

He will be attempting the last paper left this term to achieve the CIM Diploma.

Updated August 2007

Glen has now passed all four exam papers on his first attempt.

  Kaye Townsend


December 2010 
I decided to study for a CIM Diploma after getting made redundant and I chose LBBA because of the outstanding pass rate, as well as the location.  The staff were friendly and helpful, and the teaching standard fantastic - and you could always rely on Shmina Mandal to keep everyone on their toes in the evening classes.    Having not worked in Marketing before, and having not studied for 10 years, it was a daunting task for me,  but my teachers helped me through and kept my motivation levels up for the duration of the course.  Was it worth it? Well after a year of studying hard, I have finally found my dream job and couldn't be happier!   Thanks for everything.
Kaye Townsend   

To be updated

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