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Prospective Students choosing to study with us on the BTEC course maybe eligible to apply for student loan

The Tuition fees covers the cost of all teaching as well as extra English and personal development lectures included at no extra charge for our students

Our course fees is found on the Application Forms for BTEC Business Courses, Students get the full cost of this paid by the Student Loan Company as well as other grants and help depending on individual circumstances.

All other information regarding details of fees payable for the BTEC programme can be found on the website

For more information on Student funding  please refer to the website/link  below or contact the college.

In addition to the full fees being paid for Student Loan Company students would also get other benefits like living costs paid for whilst they study.

Plus other benefits like discounted transport, help with Council Tax , etc

Kindly Note : Some students will also be eligible for extra help and other grants allowed.

Student loan Information

LBBA will provide general guidance on Student funding .However, the College cannot provide detailed loan information for students.

UK and EU students who wish to study on the BTEC HND/HNC Business programmes at LBBA may be entitled to student loans from Student Loans Company (SLC).

These loans are available to help with living costs such as accommodation, food, books and travel whilst studying (Maintenance Loan) and cover the costs of tuition fees (Tuition fee loan).

You may need to know more about student funding for the BTEC Business course, and if you are eligible for financial support to cover the tuition fee loan and if you are entitled for maintenance support.

To find out about the eligibility criteria and what amount of tuition fee and maintenance loans you may be entitled to for the Student Finance in England go to:

Student finance - GOV.UK

Student finance - student loans or student grants for tuition fees and living costs, extra help,

student loan repayments

      Student Finance Application Process 


New full-time students can apply for Student funding online and choose LBBA as their study centre. The student is advised to wait until the results of their interview at LBBA to do this. The application process involves,

1.       Setting up a student finance account

2.       Logging into your account and completing the online application form

3.       Sending in evidence, such as proof of your identity or household income,

4.       Signing and returning the loan declaration you receive in the post

Please ask the administration to assist you with this process.

To apply for finance from Student Finance England go to:

Note well: Your Student Loan has to be repaid (Details on this may change please check for updates)

All students in receipt of Tuition fee loans and maintenance loans will need to pay it back after their studies. Students on special grants and bursaries do not have to repay. Full-time students begin paying back their student loans once they earn more than £21,000 a year. If your income falls below £21,000 a year, your repayments stop.

For further information on student loans repayments go to

Refer to documentation below for further information 

Visit for more information.

Please click to view

Student loans - A guide to terms and conditions )

Contact : London Bridge Business Academy  on +44 (0) 207 404 2222

or email for more information

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

Data information  on all students will be provided to HESA 

The HESA Student Collection Notice provides information to students about what happens to their data when it is sent to HESA. Provision of the collection notice is absolutely necessary to comply with the first Principle of the Data Protection Act. Failure to provide the information in the Student Collection Notice would make any transfer of student data to HESA unlawful. Please be aware of this  and if you have any questions please ask the Administration desk  or you may contact HESA directly

LBBA has undergone a review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education(QAA)


Safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education



The college exceeds expectations by  :

The Independent Schools Inspectorate

An agency approved by the

Home Office to carry out Educational Oversight inspections

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

What is the TEF?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a scheme being introduced by the government to measure the quality of teaching at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in England. Colleges and Universities will be given a rating to indicate the level of teaching quality that they provide and the information collected from the Institution.

 Quality and excellence at LBBA

Our Mission statement is “Education Has No Boundaries” and we believe one should never stop learning and should extend their learning across many boundaries.

Our primary aim is to achieve this and to deliver the highest learning standards, so you achieve equally high career goals.

Our academic team are handpicked for their experience and student-focused approach and support. 

LBBA Vision

To become one of the leading small educational institution in the private sector.

By using excellent teaching and providing a quality student experience.

Our focus is on the student experience, which is individualised and socially engaging.

We behave ethically.

We expect tolerance and mutual respect among staff and students and embrace diversity.

We provide a distinctive student experience

Our student experience strategy builds on strong foundations of quality and distinctiveness in maintaining the personal touch with students.

Access and Participation Statement


The key priorities for widening participation and an overview of how the additional HEFCE funds will be used are as follows:

  •  Continue to raise awareness and expectations about participation in higher education   amongst potential and prospective students.
  •  Increase participation in higher education, especially for specified target group

Target groups:

  •  Mature and part time students returning to study after a break in their studies.

 We consider how we can enhance support for the mature and part time learners,          particularly through alternative and flexible modes of  study,

          Adding extra support classes every week to reduce the gap due to the break in studies

          Information from initial interview is used to plan support and learning.

  • Students employed but wanting a change or progression in their present career.

    We will improve our understanding of the challenges faced by groups of students

    We will aim to improve our understanding of the key skills required by employers and aim to deliver these effectively.

    We will aim to adapt the learning and support in class and activities provided to specifically aim to help these students.

Students with High School qualifications from Overseas.

Our student induction programme provides a platform for learning more about the college, as well as more on the services and facilities to ensure prospective students make informed decisions about where, what when and how they will study.

The induction enables students to be better prepared for Higher Education, meet other students and share thoughts and ideas. The induction and interview is an opportunity to ask the college more questions and to be made more aware of life at LBBA.

The interview is two way and allows students to ask questions and be sure what they need LBBA can provide, Retention

LBBA recognises that certain categories of students are at greater risk than others of failure to stay for the entire duration of their Course and to achieve and reach their full potential.

LBBA is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, particularly those whose circumstances mean that additional support and attention may need to be in place.

We employ a range of methods to identify high-risk students at an early stage and support them throughout their course.

We are committed to always developing our knowledge and understanding about the Widening Participation Access requirements for our target student groups

Continuously develop best practice and strategy to continually improve access, retention and progression for our students.



We will continue to improve our care and working with student representatives to enhance the support for students.

We will actively promote participation and successful student outcomes through fair admissions policies, aspiration raising and support for student welfare and career development.


We will continue to maintain and enhance teaching quality, motivation in class and student learning opportunities to maximise student success and graduate employability.


We will continue to learn from the Students. We will enhance how we engage with our students, listening to their concerns and responding to their needs


We will continue to make improvements and the organisational structure contributes to the overall strategy.  The flat organisational structure allows us to engage with students and allows participation.

The information and feedback data collected from LBBA reflects. We take great pride in student success and providing a supportive environment for the students, students thrive in this environment and find this culture next to none.


The Administration staff, Lecturers and Director of Studies, ensures that students are always able to receive help with any academic or personal problems and that their progress is closely monitored.

Individual aid is also planned in the program for the student's success if needed.

Student’s experiences at LBBA are tailored to suit their needs and hence the high rates of retention , attainment and progression at LBBA are seen.

LBBA will ensure that:

- All students have equal opportunities from the initial  recruitment stage to the end of their course at LBBA.

- Students support needs are easily communicated and known

- Academic delivery, class activities, resources are appropriate and support students

- Tolerance, understanding and positive interactions are encouraged

Students at LBBA are able to experience a unique and supportive college lifestyle. 

We believe that student life at LBBA should include the right mix of learning academic and professional skills as well as social skills. This is needed for students to progress and be future success stories. 

Our student population participates in social events held to accelerate the growth and life experience of our students.


Our lecturers take individual needs into consideration, so each student can enjoy maximum benefits. This personal approach will bring out more of your unique abilities and talents and provide you with the key skills.

Assignment preparation, formal feedback is provided on student work and allows students to reflect on their work. The assignment is divided into smaller tasks and each task whilst in the draft stage is handed in for timed feedback. This helps understand how you are doing and how you could improve.  This is one of the key reasons for our pass rates on most modules achieved by students from all backgrounds and age groups.

Students engage in class activities which further support and enhance their learning and critical thinking and provide key skills needed for Employment,


Course lecturers offer advice on progression within specific courses to their learners.  The college will support you make the right decisions about your careers. Students are encouraged to achieve their educational goals in particular progression to highly skilled employment.


Planned tutorials on Plagiarism and writing skills are provided to further support students and their work. The tutorials provide a platform for students to improve their skills.


Personalised learning structure.

Information collected during the interviews and induction is used to support students to have a smooth transition into college life and their studies. Information is used to plan the English Development class. Sessions are made more useful to give students the skills they may lack or need to improve on This will help support the English as well as how to  write assignments, good grammar, how to prepare for class presentations. CV writing, developing Interview skills and career guidance


At LBBA we value the opinion of our students and this helps support students better and understand their individual needs.

Student feedback is collected both formally and informally and at different times of the term, which is used to provide better support students and make improvements.

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