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Living Costs

London can be an expensive so it is important to budget carefully.


Some of the main costs are:

Accommodation This cost can be expensive. The cheapest way of living fairly centrally is to stay in a hostel. From around £130 per week you can stay in dormitory accommodation with meals provided.

As a guide, we usually suggest that you budget for roughly £150 per week for a twin room and meals. Approximately £190 per week for a single room and meals.

In search for place to live in London the college has a list of accommodations which is easily accessible in the college reception and for overseas students the list can be provide to them through the agent or via request to the college email.

The students can try the websites; we will provide on request as their one-stop-shop for finding the perfect place to live and allows the student to:

  • Search for properties advertised by private landlords and other students
  • Post messages about the kind of room (or roommate) you’re looking for
  • Create your own property shortlist
  • Search travel times
  • Find advice on private housing - and lots more

To find out more please request the college for future details on websites.

As a student, you are entitled to council tax exemption.  For further information about how to get the council tax exemption letter, please contact the college directly.

Another major cost is public transport in London. The London Underground, or 'tube', is expensive but red London buses are cheaper. Allow for approximately £60 to £125 per month. This would depend on the Zone you would travel in from and how often. Students will be provided with a student discount facility on their weekly travel and can save some money.                  

For further help in transportation and travel cards please visit

Other costs you may need to allow for are:
  • Books, exam registration fees and of course some money for entertainment.

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