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LBBA provides excellent learning facilities at its campus. Brief details on some of the campus facilities are given below:

Tutorial Room: LBBA Students have a weekly English Development Lectures and for Hospitality  courses workshops in small groups

Classroom Facilities: The campus contains several large lecture rooms. All lecture rooms are equipped with modern teaching amenities.



IT Facilities: IT LAB and additional  IT facilities are available in the lecture room  making it much easier for lectures and any research that may be needed during the practical's. Students have access to the IT Lab when they do not have lectures to do their assignments, for research and homework. IT lab is supervised.

Sports Facilities: LBBA organises sports events in badminton , football, cricket etc. There are also arrangements made with the local leisure centre for students to access the sports facilities (subject to conditions)


LBBA Students during a class break in common room 

Library facilities at LBBA

Counselling Services: LBBA provides counselling services to students who may be having difficulties with their studies or on non-academic matters.

Student Trips: Every term there are student educational and social trips organised by the School to suitable locations within U.K . Students also have group visits to various discotheques, pubs and theatres in the West End of London, which are within easy access from the school.

The Lyceum Theatre: LBBA students visit the Lyceum Theatre to see an array of different plays and have found this to be educational and fun.

The Golden Hind: A full-size replica of Sir Francis Drake's 16th century galleon, in demand for filming, weddings and corporate entertainment. The replica itself has travelled the world, having covered over 140,000 miles under sail. Crew members are in period dress and there are five decks of exhibits and artefacts .LBBA students have visits to the boat


Games Night:

A regular feature at LBBA where students meet to play board games against other students and lecturers. A real fun night for most students as they always end up beating either the senior students or the lecturers


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